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Join the Indian Armed Forces and Serve the Nation   

Indian Soldiers - A Tribute 

Patriotism! Nationalism! Valour! Courage! Sacrifice! Integrity! Honesty! Discipline! Sincerity! Adventure! Romance! Enthusiasm! Determination! Professionalism! Service! Humanism!

Do these qualities ever strike your mind? Have you ever tried to search for them? You go to any extent, I am sure, you won’t find them except at one place. Their dwelling place is beyond the reach of ordinarily thinking people. These qualities can be found in men of great virtue, in the hearts of men who willingly spend sleepless nights guarding our motherland from the external aggressors and make us sleep peacefully in the comfort of our home. This is what makes the Indian Armed Forces a unique blend of all of the above mentioned attributes. Hence the stature of Indian Soldiers who stand a class apart from the ordinary people.

Indian Armed Forces – An Introduction 

The Indian Armed Forces are responsible for defending the territorial integrity of the country against all external aggression and internal disturbances. The Armed Forces are responsible to protect the nation against external aggression during war and during peace time also they help the civil authorities at the time of natural calamities, and also help in maintenance of law and order whenever required to do so.

Careers in Indian Armed Forces 

The Indian Armed Forces offer a unique career opportunity with unlimited professional and personal growth in diverse domains. A member of the Armed Forces commands respect from all sections of the society irrespective of his religion, caste and language. A career in the Indian armed forces is different from all other career options because it is not simply a job. It is a passion. Most Indians join the Indian armed forces because of feelings of patriotism.

In order to execute the tasks assigned to the Armed Forces, whether it be during war or peace time; there is always a need to have fully equipped and well trained men and women. Thus, selection and recruitments are carried out at all levels throughout the year. All three forces, i.e. the Indian Air Force, the Indian Army and the Indian Navy  have their own methods of entry and have different structures. Apart from this, the Indian Coast Guard which has also been granted the status of the Armed Forces, also makes recruitments in its own way according to suitability requirements.


By now, you must have made up your mind to be a part of the elite, the exemplary, the genius, the patriotic, the brave, the adventurous, the heroic and above all, the humane. Keeping the great respect for the guardians of the nation in mind, I shall take you through different routes of the journey to become one among them.  

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