About Us


Career Focus is a premier institute of the region that imparts quality education and prepares the young men and women to face the challenge of stiff-necked competition with confidence and emerge victorious.

The institute has been set up with a view to fill up the void created by non-availability of a similar entity, which could serve as a guiding force for the youth of the area, whose potential goes unnoticed and unharnessed for want of proper information and coaching related to competition opportunities. Thus, millions of dreams are shattered before they are realized or sometimes even before they are conceived. Moreover, there is growing tendency of the local youth to look up and move to metros for fulfilment of their coaching needs, which makes a deep cut into their pockets. This also involves a wastage of lot of time and energy, which if utilized efficiently might be the deciding factor in emerging victorious at various examinations. In the prevailing situations, the idea of setting up an institute to help the  youth realize their dreams at affordable cost paved the way for CAREER FOCUS to come into existence.

MOTTO :  DARE!      DREAM!!      SUCCEED!!!  

The motto of our institution is a manifestation of the philosophy of “One who dares, wins.” One who has courage to dream, also has courage to succeed. One has to have courage to dream of big things that motivate him to work for accomplishment of his dream and emerge successful. This will definitely serve as a guiding spirit for majority of young men and women who do not even dare to dream of being selected for higher posts because of ignorance and lack of motivation.