Mock Test (Instructions)

Time Allowed: 1 hour (60 minutes)
Maximum Marks: 100
Dear Aspirant,

Please read the following instructions before taking the test.
This test consists of 50 objective type (multiple choice type) questions.
All questions are compulsory.
Each question carries 2 marks.
There is no negative marking, i.e. there is no penalty for incorrect answers.
You can submit the test before scheduled time of 1 hour.
If you are not able to complete and submit the test at end of scheduled time of 1 hour, you won’t get any warning and the test will be submitted automatically.
Your score along with details such as Total Number of Questions, Number of Questions Attempted, Number of Questions Attempted Correctly etc. will be displayed immediately on submission of test.
At the end of the test, kindly e-mail your experience of taking the test and your valuable suggestions for improvement at